Our vision is to be the most sought-after private equity manager in Europe, being the partner of choice for best management teams in our sectors, helping them succeed and to scale their businesses into industry champions.  An important part of this strategy is helping management teams with our long-standing and dedicated Portfolio Team.
Our Portfolio Team has two distinct functions, working at both Board and at Project levels with our investee companies, where the skills and responsibilities are typically complementary.  Experienced Portfolio Directors work alongside management and the sector team deal leaders on the boards of our investee companies to help deliver and optimize the elements which build value in each business. Typically these Directors bring deep industry knowledge as well as real world experience of the operational and management challenges that entrepreneurs and managers face. Within the Portfolio Team we also have a number of ‘Functional Champions’ with specific expertise in project delivery.  They typically work with investee companies intensively and are specifically focused on key value creation projects, reporting into the Board. Within this section of the Portfolio Team there is particular focus on revenue growth projects such as sales force optimisation and effectiveness, pricing, cross-selling and up-selling, and on commercial and strategic planning.  In this way we seek to offer significant incremental assistance and best practice sharing, while leaving the day to day running of the business in the hands of managers we have backed.
Supporting the Portfolio Team, HgCapital‘s Affiliate Directors consist of a group of senior individuals with many years of experience in operational and strategic roles as well as individuals with strong functional expertise in a variety of areas. In addition to this they have all worked consistently with HgCapital and other private equity firms over a long period.